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This article involves Harry D Cruz Networth and his Biography. Harry D Cruz is a BeatBoxer Expert from Bangalore, Karnataka, India. He is known for his beautiful art and workmanship and flamboyant personality. Harry has a lot of fans in his online media. Kazu beatboxing is being held for the first time all over the country. Harry D Cruz is the first Kazu beatboxer in India to be certified as an Asia Book of Record Master. He is also a certified Thai flute beatboxer. He is from Bangalore city. He is a Certified Artist on various TEDx shows and also performs in various cultural programs and shows. Harry started his music career at a young age when few people thought about beatboxing.

Harry’s Wiki/Biography.

Harry’s real name is Hariharan, and he is from Bangalore, India. He is about 24 years old in 2021, and he is Indian by nationality; his date of birth is 23 Oct 1997.

Harry D Cruz has been found active on social media especially on his Instagram account, where he continues to post his latest photos and has earned over 8.4 thousand followers.

Real Name:Harry D Cruz
Date of Birth:23 Oct 1997
Age:24 years
Birth Place:Bengaluru, Karnataka, India
Hometown:Bengaluru, Karnataka, India
Harry D Cruz Networth

Early Education

Hariharan, commonly known as Harry Dee Cruz, is a professional beatboxer known for his beatboxing performances on his /self-titled eponymous YouTube channel. Harry d Cruz was born on 23 Oct 1997, in Bangalore, Karnataka, India.

While in college, he watched his elders play beatbox at a college festival and was inspired to learn the same, so Harry started watching various YouTube channels to learn this skill, beatbox, and soon mastered the art.

Looking for Harry’s Educational Info? We got it all for you:

  • SCHOOL: Indiranagar high School
  • PUC: Indiranagar Composıte Pu College
  • GRADUATION: B.com – Indian Academy Degree College
  • Postgraduate Diploma: MBA – St George’s College of Management Studies

Early Life:

Growing up, he was surrounded by various musical influences; his childhood played a significant role in his life, forcing him to get carried away by the music and follow it. Harry polished his art by performing at various cultural festivals. Cruz learned to beatbox using the Internet.

He currently works as a beatbox trainer and also organizes various beatboxing training workshops. He rated and judged Kerala Sanskrit Beatbox Championship 2019, Just Beatbox Championship 2019, and more.

Harry D Cruz has also performed at various major events such as Bandhu Mitra, Humming Tree, Mahal Keleeravam, and a show hosted by Radio Mirchi. Harry has also performed at various major events such as PRISM 2019, Ikya.2018, Radio Mirchi 2016 and (featured show on Radio Mirchi, he even performed on prestigious TedX stages.


In 2017, Cruz became the champion of the Kerala Beatbox Championship. Having achieved considerable fame, he had the opportunity to perform at The Latest Bollywood Music, a program hosted by Radio Mirchi 95 FM. He is the best in India who can play the sound of a saxophone with his vocal cords. In addition, Harry D Cruz served as a beatbox coach for a year.

He then expanded his profile by earning national certification as a beatboxing judge. Continuing his beatboxing career, Harry performed at many events such as Humming Tree, Mahal Keleeravam, Bandhu Mitra, and the list goes on. He has appeared and served as a judge at many international and domestic university festivals such as Cavery College, SEA Degree College, St. George, Dayanand. Sagara Institute of Technology, Wemana Institute of Technology, and others.

From 2017 to 2018, he worked as the secretary for culture at Indian Academy Degree College; he is widely known so that he can reach more people.

In 2018, he was a judge for the beatboxing competition held at the Garden City University National Youth Festival. In addition, the 10th National Culture and Management Festival Archish 2K18 is another milestone in his career. Meet many geeks, accomplishments, icons, artists, and more.

Physical Appearance:

As his music develops, Harry’s looks become prevalent among teenagers. It measures approximately 5 feet 9 inches and weighs approximately 72 kg. He has a medium build and dark brown eyes, and black hair.

Weight:72 kg
Height:5 feet 9 inches In Meters – 1.75 m In Centimeters – 175 cm
Eyes:Dark Brown
Figure Measurements:Chest Size – 45 Inches Waist Size – 38 Inches
Shoe Size:US 9

Harry’s Family:

Harry d Cruz’s father is called Sekarmallikaraj, and his mother is Kotteshwari.

Harry’s personal life is not known to many; he prefers to maintain confidentiality and had not disclosed any information. As for his girlfriend or affairs, it is still unknown as there’s no information about them as he kept his personal life private. We will update the information in the future asap when we’ll get any information.

As for his marital status, he is still single.

Mother:Kotteshwari S
Father:Sekarmallikaraj K
Marital Status:Single

Harry D Cruz Networth & Source of Income

Harry has a huge fan following. His primary source of income is his live concerts and music lessons, which he teaches, conducts, and is attended by students worldwide. He also made the Internet his primary source of income as a social media influencer.

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Harry’s monthly salary income is approx 40,000 per month. However, Harry D Cruz Networth is still unknown. We’ll soon update his net worth.

Monthly Salary:40,000 INR
Primary source:Live concerts, conduction music classes, Internet
Address:Bangalore, Karnataka, India
Harry D Cruz Networth:Unknown

Awards and Achievements:

Harry achieved and received many awards that are the following:

  • Harry was Awarded by the Guinness Book of Records as the first kazoo performer in India and the best Indian saxophone sound created using human vocal cords.
  • Passionate Thai flute beatboxer.
  • Asian Book of Records;
  • Indian Book of Records;
  • Performed on TEDX 7 times.
  •  He Judged in national beatboxing competitions at various college culture festivals.


That’s all about Harry D Cruz Networth. He is the best BeatBoxer Expert from Bangalore, Karnataka, India. You can get updates about him on his Instagram account. Like and share this blog as much as you can.

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What is Harry D Cruz Networth?

Harry’s monthly salary income is approx 40,000 per month. However, Harry D Cruz Networth is still unknown.

Is Harry D Cruz married?

No, he is unmarried.

Is beatboxing a rare skill?

And believe me, anyone who has a normal month can Beatbox. Anyone who practices with pure dedication and passion can definitely master this art.

Who is India’s first kazoo beatboxer?

Harry D Cruz from Bengaluru, India’s first kazoo beatboxer, the finest human saxophone artist, and multiple beatboxing record holder, says that by making beatboxing more well-known and raising awareness about it all over the nation, he hopes to aid future artists in avoiding the difficulties he himself encountered

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