Romeo Santos Net worth and unknown facts

One of the world’s leading Bachata artists, Romeo Santos enjoys great fan-following all across the world. Quite an inspiration for many people in the global musical circles, Romeo is a bilingual American singer, lyricist, record labels producer, and music composer.

Even when many do not know, Santos is also a great actor. Santos was once a part of the famous Bachata boy band named Aventura. The band produced original and high-quality Latin American music and Santos gained a lot of popularity as the band’s lead.

Romeo Santos Findnetworth

Those who know even a bit about Romeo Santos, know that Aventura was actually the reason Santos got fame in the first place. Later, Santos worked hard on his own and earned further fame, respect, and money – things he continues to enjoy to date.

Want to know more about Romeo Santos, his work, family, and Romeo Santos’s net worth? Below, we will be covering everything about Santos in detail. So, read on:

Quick Facts About Romeo

Romeo Santos Net Worth$45 Million
Per Year Income$5.85 Million
Date of BirthJuly 21, 1981
Age40 Years
Zodiac SignCancer
Height1.85 m
ProfessionSinger, Songwriter, Composer, Record Producer, Actor
NationalityUnited States of America
Children2 Sons (Alex Damian Santos, Valentino Santos)

Who Is Romeo Santos?

As already stated, Romeo Santos is one of the world’s most famous Bachata artists. His voice is considered the most influential and prized possession of the current Latin American music industry.

As a member of both the Aventura band and the Urban Bachata movement, Santos has done a lot for Bachata. He successfully revolutionized this conventional musical genre of the Dominican Republic and introduced it globally with a lot of hard work.

Romeo Santos Findnetworth

Since his childhood, Romeo was interested in Tropical music genres. At the age of 13, Santos became part of a local Church Choir where his singing abilities were discovered. Recognizing his talent, he made a group called Los Teenagers along with his cousins and friends. This group later renamed itself Aventura.

As members of Aventura, Romeo Santos and his band members, including Henry Santos, Max Santos, and Lenny Santos; released various albums and hit songs. Later, the group broke up in 2011.

Romeo Santos’s Solo Career

From 2011 onwards, Romeo Santos excelled in his solo career. He sealed a deal with Sony Records and released albums after albums with the record label. Almost all of his solo releases made it to the hit lists of their time. Santo’s first-ever solo album was named “Formula Vol. 1”. In this album, one of the releases was Santos’s record-breaking collaboration with the famous Usher.

Romeo Santos Findnetworth

He held several solo concerts during this time too. Again, his tours were a hit, and the tickets would sell out on each day of his performance. Santos performed a show in 2014 at Yankee Stadium where the ticket were all sold out. This made Santos the first-ever Latin singer to make Yankee Stadium house fill.

Santos’s second album was released in 2014 and was named “Formula Vol. 2”. Again, this one was a hit with several collaborations between Santos and celebrities like Drake, Santana, Marc Anthony, and Nicki Minaj. Other albums released by Romeo include “Golden” and “Utopia” – both of which featured several music stars in collaboration with Santos.

Romeo Santos’s Acting Career

In 2007, Romeo appeared on the big screen for the first time in a Dominican movie named Sanky Panky. Later in 2015, Santos was a part of the famous Hollywood film, Furious 7 where he was welcomed and appreciated by the movie’s lead cast including Vin Diesel, Paul Walker, and Dwayne Johnson. Santos also rendered his services as a voice-over artist for The Angry Birds’ character, Early Bird.

Romeo Santos Findnetworth

How Much Is Romeo Santo’s Net Worth?

Romeo Santos concerts, Romeo Santos Albums, compositions, and acting career have altogether helped him earn quite a lot of money during all these years. Currently, his net worth is believed to be around $45 million.

Romeo Santos Findnetworth

Other than his musical activities and brand deals, the Latino-American star also owns a merch brand, dedicated to him and his musical career. The brand offers merch Tees, Caps, and hoodies – all of which are hoarded by Santos’s fans from all around the world.

You can have a look at Romeo Santos’s store here below:

Romeo Santos Store

Where Was Romeo Santos Born?

Romeo Santos was born in New York and Romeo‘s parents named him Anthony Santos at that time. Santos’s mother is a Puerto Rician whereas his father has a Dominican nationality. With his birthplace being New York, Santos himself is a Latin-American.

Romeo Santos’s family has a humble background at the time of his birth. His mother was a stay-at-home mom, whereas his father worked in the construction sector. If it was not for his parents, Santos would never have been exposed to Tropical and Dominican genres, the knowledge of which made him a star today.

How Old Is Romeo Santos?

Romeo Santos was born in July 1981. Hence, in 2021, Romeo Santos is 40 years old.

Who Is Romeo Santos Wife?

Santos is famous for keeping his life private and away from the spotlight. The “King of Bachata” has never said anything about his wife or marital life. However, there have been speculations about several of his affairs during different parts of his career, none of which have been negated or confirmed by Santos himself.

Romeo Santos Findnetworth

Romeo Santos Children

Despite being silent about his marriage and wife, Romeo has subtly introduced his fans to his two children. His first son, Alex Damian Santos, was born in 2002. The singer was barely an adult at that time and has once reflected on not being able to give time to his elder son. Romeo Santos admitted that he has not been a great father to Alex, despite wanting to be one.

He said that at that time, he was a teenager and had his career to focus on, hence he ran away from his fatherly responsibilities – something he is ashamed of doing. However, now both Santos and Alex enjoy a good relationship as the singer claims that he has been balancing everything well.

Romeo Santos Findnetworth

Romeo Santos’s second son was born in 2019 and the announcement of the birth was made by the Singer himself i.e. on Romeo Santos Instagram. However, the post was later deleted with no insights on the child’s mother and Romeo Santos’s wife this time too.

This time, the singer named his son Valentino Santos and also shared a small video of him playing with his son during the COVID lockdown.

Is Romeo Santos Related To Prince Royce?

Both Romeo Santos and Prince Royce are often confused as brothers or cousins, mostly because of their Dominican roots. However, the two are not related by blood and never have claimed any relation with each other.

Why Did Romeo Santos Leave Aventura?

Unlike many other musical bands, Aventura did not end their band because of the members’ differences. When asked, Santos told the media that the group did not end, and he did not leave it. Rather, they all paused with the band to carry on with their individual projects.

Romeo Santos Findnetworth

Later, Romeo and his other band members reunited in 2014 for Romeo Santos concerts at the Yankee Stadium. The band also announced their last round of concerts together in 2015 and the first show was a solid hit. Romeo Santos also posted about a band tour scheduled for 2020 around the USA and named is “Gira Inmortal”

How old is Romeo Santos?

As of 2021, he is 40 years old.

Is Romeo married?

No, he is not married.

Is there any relation between Prince Royce and Santos?

No, they have no blood relation but they look alike.


That’s all for now. In the end, I must say that he is a hardworking gem of the Hollywood Industry and his voice has magic. He has been successful throughout his life just because of his passion for singing and hardworking. I hope you like this article

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