Feroze Khan: Lifestyle, Age (33), Family, Relationship, Net Worth, and More

Quick Facts

Fact CategoryInformation
Full NameFeroze Khan
Date of BirthJuly 11, 1990
BirthplaceQuetta, Balochistan in Pakistan
ProfessionActor, Model
EducationBachelor’s In Arts
Net Worth$40 million

Birthday in Details

Khan was born on 11 July 1990, in Quetta, Balochistan Pakistan into a Pashtun family.

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Background & Early Life

Khan was born on 11 July 1990, in Quetta, Balochistan Pakistan into a Pashtun family. He has five siblings, including actress Humaima Malick and singer-songwriter Dua Malik. In 2018, Khan married Syeda Alizey Fatima Raza in an arranged marriage.

Parents and Siblings

Feroze Khan’s Father’s Name is Aqeel Amjad. There is no more information available about his father.


He further honed his skills at Bishop Cotton Boys’ School & St. Germain High School, Bangalore, and a Bachelor’s In Arts.

Relationships & Affairs

Sajal Ali and Feroze Khan are two famous personalities in showbiz. A few months ago, there were rumors that Sajal Ali and Feroze Khan were in a relationship.

Marriage(s) and Children

Feroze Khan married Syeda Alizey Fatima Raza in an arranged marriage in 2018 but now they are divorced. Feroze Khan gave birth to a son named Mohammad Sultan Khan on May 3, 2019. Khan’s wife gave birth to their second child, Fatima Khan, on February 14, 2022.

Hobbies and Interests

Feroze enjoys Boxing and horse Riding. He Is Neurotic About Cars & Bikes · Feroze Khan Is A Homebody Feroze Khan Lost Weight For Himself.

Charitable Work

Feroze Khan is known to be involved in charitable activities and social causes, although he tends to keep this side of his life relatively low-key. As of my last update in January 2022, specific details about his philanthropic efforts weren’t widely publicized, but he has used his platform to raise awareness on important social issues.

Physical Appearance

Stats CategoryMeasurements
Height5 feet 7 inches (1.72 m)
Weight70 kg (154 lbs)

Social Media Contacts

Feroz Khan As for lifestyle, he’s known for his keen fashion sense and is quite active on social media platforms, sharing glimpses of his life and work with his followers.

Career Timeline

He made his acting debut with Bikhra Mera Naseeb as Harib in 2014 and got a breakthrough after portraying Adeel in Hum TV’s romantic Gul-e-Rana in 2015. Khan received wider popularity after portraying Mir Hadi in Khaani 2017-18. His other notable works include Ishqiya and Khuda Aur Muhabbat 3.

Career in Details

Further in his career, this talented actor stalked surprising acting performance in the drama serial ‘Gul-e-Rana’ with Sajal Ali and these two stars got productive acclaim from the viewers. In the year 2016, Feroze Kahn signed his first movie ‘Zindagi Kitni Haseen Hay’ with the stunning actress Sajal Ali. Their perfect match exhibited impassioned acting in the movie. Nowadays, they both are considered as one of the most viable joins in the Pakistan television industry.

Major Accomplishments

Feroze Khan has garnered several awards and nominations throughout his career, adding quite a bit of prestige to his name. While the exact list might vary based on new accomplishments, as of my last update, he had won awards like the Lux Style Award for Best Television Actor and was often nominated in similar categories for other award shows.

If you’re interested in the most up-to-date information on his awards, I’d recommend checking out his social media profiles or doing a quick search online. Award wins and nominations are usually well-publicized events, so they’re easy to track down!

Most Famous Roles

Feroze is best known for

  1. Khaani (2017– ) Romance. …
  2. Habs (2022– ) 40 min | Drama, Romance. …
  3. Tich Button (2022) 145 min | Adventure, Comedy, Romance. …
  4. Khuda Aur Mohabbat 3 (2021) 40 min | Drama. …
  5. Gul-e-Rana (2015–2016) 40 min | Drama, Romance. …
  6. Ishqiya (2020) Drama, Romance. …
  7. Romeo Weds Heer (2018– ) Adventure, Comedy, Romance. …
  8. 8. Aye Musht-e-Khaak (2021– )

Career Journey

Khan started his career as a VJ on ARY Musik and then subsequently on suit as a model. He created his acting place in 2014 with the television series, Bikhra Mera Naseeb as Harib. Feroze Khan then entered on to play Aazer in ARY Digital’s romantic thriller Chup Raho, it was criticized due to its unauthentic, flawed dramatization & misleading depiction. In 2015, Khan starred as Humayun in the romantic series Tumse Mil Kay but these failed to propel his career forward.

In the same year, Khan starred as Mir Hadi, the son of a jump-up politician who, out of anger, gunned down university candidates, opposite Sana Javed in Geo Entertainment’s drama Khaani which is loosely based on the real-life murder of Shahzeb Khan. The series was a trading success and grossed Khan Best TV Actor – Viewer’s Choice at the Lux Style Awards. In 2018, Khan emerged as Romeo Raja in the romantic, comedy Romeo Weds Heer in which he reunited with Sana Javed. It got mixed reviews & average ratings in the first episodes but towards February the TRP started falling down & had a terrible fan reception, and was no longer in the top 10. By the previous episode, the show lost its viewership; both on TV and YouTube.

Movies and Shows

His portfolio includes movies like

  1. Khaani (2017– ) Romance. …
  2. Habs (2022– ) 40 min | Drama, Romance. …
  3. Tich Button (2022) 145 min | Adventure, Comedy, Romance.
  4. Khuda Aur Mohabbat 3 (2021) 40 min | Drama. …
  5. Gul-e-Rana (2015–2016) 40 min | Drama, Romance. …
  6. Ishqiya (2020) Drama, Romance. …
  7. Romeo Weds Heer (2018– ) Adventure, Comedy, Romance. …
  8. 8. Aye Musht-e-Khaak (2021– )

Other Ventures

Feroze Khan’s primary focus has been on acting, but he has ventured into other areas too, albeit not as extensively. Besides his career in television dramas and films, he has done some modeling and has been a brand ambassador for various companies. These endorsement deals can be quite lucrative and add another income stream apart from acting..

Philanthropy and Activism

Feroze Khan tends to keep his philanthropic efforts and activism relatively low-key, he has been involved in various charitable activities and causes. He’s used his social media platform to raise awareness on social issues, such as mental health and poverty, advocating for change and encouraging his followers to get involved as well.

Net Worth

Feroze Khan’s net worth and concrete details are usually not publicly disclosed. However, given his successful career in acting, modeling, and brand endorsements, it’s safe to assume he has amassed a significant net worth.

Aside from his acting gigs, which likely form the bulk of his income, Feroze also earns money from brand endorsements and public appearances. These can be lucrative ventures that supplement his primary income stream. And let’s not forget the awards and accolades that also likely come with monetary benefits and raise his market value in the entertainment industry.

Inspirational Stories

Feroze Khan’s journey to success in the entertainment industry can be seen as quite inspirational. Starting off as a video jockey (VJ), he didn’t have any significant connections in the industry. Yet, he managed to climb the ranks due to his talent, dedication, and hard work. His transition from a VJ to a full-fledged actor in TV dramas and films showcases his ability to adapt and evolve in a competitive environment.

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Quotes and Insights

Feroze Khan has been known to share some motivational and insightful thoughts in interviews and on social media. While I don’t have direct quotes from him as of my last update, he often talks about the importance of hard work, perseverance, and staying true to oneself. These themes resonate strongly with his own career trajectory, going from a video jockey to a recognized actor in the Pakistani entertainment industry.


In conclusion, Feroze Khan is a multi-talented figure in the Pakistani entertainment industry. From starting as a video jockey to becoming a celebrated actor, his journey is one of hard work and perseverance. While he’s received several awards and nominations that solidify his standing, he also dabbles in philanthropy and activism, although details are sparse.


How old is Feroze Khan?

As of 2023, he’s 33 years old.

Is he married?

He was married to Syeda Alizey Fatima Raza, and they have a son together. However, they reportedly separated.

What awards has he won?

He’s won several awards like the Lux Style Award for Best Television Actor, among others.

Does he have any businesses?

As of my last update, he hasn’t ventured into business but does have brand endorsements.

Is Feroze Khan active in charity work?

While specific details aren’t widely known, he has been involved in charitable activities and used his platform for social causes.

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