Taran Killam Net Worth

Taran Killam is not a new name for most of us. This comedian, voiceover artist, writer, and American actor is known all across the globe for his jolly personality. He is known to have a total net worth of 10 Million $ as of 2021 which is a noticeable increase as compared to 4 Million $ in 2020.

Today we will talk about the net worth, biography, wife, children, career, movies, tv shows, and other stuff of Taran Killam in detail. But first, let’s see some quick facts about this multi-talented actor.

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Quick Facts About Taran Killam:

  Taran Killam Net Worth  10 Million $
  Per Year Income  660,000$
  Per Month Income  55,000$
  Date Of Birth/Age  April 1, 1982- 39 Years old
  Zodiac Sign  Aries
  Gender  Male
  Height  6 ft (1.85 cm)
  Profession  Comedian, Actor, Singer, Screen Writer
  Nationality  United States of America
  Spouse  Cobie Smulders
  Children        Two Daughters: Shaelyn Cado Killam Janita Mae Killam  

Taran Killam Biography

Taran Killam was born on April 1st, 1982 in Culver City of California. He grew up in Big Bear Lake, California, and is the eldest of three children, to singer-songwriter Kriss Light Killam and amateur actor Thomas Harold Killam III. He attended Los Angeles County High school for Arts. Furthermore, he also attended UCLA for one year in 2000. He joined UCLA as a Musical theater student and is known to work there on UCLA’s theater festivals. Later, he left the school to pursue his acting career.

Taran Killam Career

The first appearance of Taran Killam was in just 12 years of age in the 1994 movie Naked Gun 33⅓: The Final Insult. Then he continued to appear in multiple screenplays. Finally, he gains his fame by featuring in a comedy sketch show, The Amanda Show, run by Amanda Bynes. He featured in this famous show from 2011-2002. In the show, he was portrayed as Spaulding, a boy who had a huge crush on Moody, in the “Moody’s Point” which is a soap opera parody.

In the meantime, he also joined the cast of another TV show known as MADtv and become famous as the youngest performer there, just 19 years old. He appeared in a total of 13 episodes out of 25 episodes in the seventh season of MADtv.

In 2005, he was the regular cast member for the comedy show Wild ‘N Out for its Third and Fourth Season. He also got starred in the television pilot Nobody’s Watching. But the show never got a chance to be on-air. But somehow the pilot got leaked online and gained a lot of popularity. Then the further episodes got a release in 2006-2007. Killam got a role as Jimmy in the NBC/ABC medical comedy-drama, Scrubs, and its webisode, Scrubs: Interns.

Another major role Taran Killam played was in the 2004 famous movie Stuck in The Suburbs. After this, his career interspersed, and he appeared in multiple famous TV shows like Still Standing, Boston Public, Drake & Josh, Do Over, GirlFriends, Roswell, and Judging Army.

In 2006, Taran Killam also happened to appear as a contestant in a single episode of The Price is Right, which aired again in July 2007.

His role in Big Fat Liar (2002), Just Married (2003), Anderson’s Cross, and My Best Friend’s Girls (2008) got him all the fame and a gradual increase in total Net Worth which is now 10 Million $.

Taran Killam’s Career Hits; Saturday Night Live

The one role he is known majorly and which was hit out of his all roles was in the show Saturday Night Live. He joined the famous TV show on September 25, 2010. Killam became a well-known member of NBC sketch comedy/variety show, Saturday Night Live, for its 36th season.

It made him the second Nickelodeon Veteran to join the cast of Saturday Night Live TV show, the first being Kenan Thompson. And also, the second SNL cast member who was also the cast member on the sketch show MADtv, the first being Jeff Richards. He earned a lot of fame during his six years debut in Saturday Night Show, and they part ways in August 2016 to pursue his other interests.

Taran Killam Other Works in Acting and Comedy

Another thing that brought Killam public attention and love was his YouTube video, where he replicated the Robyn Video “Call Your Girlfriend”. The video spread like fire and by 2015, it was viewed a total of 953,382 times. The public loved his dance moves and, well, Taran Killam himself in the video.

Taran Killam’s appearances in the Community Show (2011) episode of the regional Holiday Music as Mr. Radison and in the iCarly episode “I meet the first lady” as Secret Service agent was also worth noticing and mentioning here.

Then in 2012, he appeared with Anne Hathaway and Kenan Thompson in a short video, “The Legend of Mokki and the Sloppy Swish” which garnered him the public love.
He also appeared in the following movies; Grown Ups 2, Underdogs, 12 Years a Slave, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, and Ted 2.

One of his films 12 Years a Slave got famous in which he played the role of Abram Hamilton who brought the main character into slavery. He was a big fan of teenage Mutants Ninja Turtles, and he even got a chance to lobby one of the turtles in a 2014 movie as Channel 5 Staff.

He also made many guest appearances in Cobie Smulders (now a wife of Killam) TV series named; How I met Your Mother.

Here is a Complete List of Taran Killam Movies

1994Naked Gun 33⅓: The Final InsultBoy of Geriatric Park
2002Big Fat LiarBret Callaway
2003Just MarriedDickie McNerney
2004Stuck in the SuburbsJordan Cahill
2006The ShowdownThe Batter
2006Dr. MiraclesMr. Peterson
2007Epic MoviePirate
2008My Best Friend’s GirlJosh
2009Three Matthew McConaughey’s and a BabyMatthew McConaughey
2010Anderson’s CrossAustin Wilson
2013The HeatAdam/Simon Larkin

He also made many guest appearances in Cobie Smulders (now a wife of Killam) TV series named; How I met Your Mother.

Here is a Complete List of Taran Killam Movies

2013Grown Ups 2Male Cheerleader
201312 Years a SlaveAbram Hamilton
2014Teenage Mutant Ninja TurtlesJim McNaughton
2015Ted 2Himself
2015UnderdogsCaptain Skip / Rufus (voice)
2016Casual EncountersJustin Davis
2016Brother NatureRoger Fellner
2017All NighterGary
2017Killing GuntherBlake
2018Night SchoolStewart

Complete List of Taran Killam TV Shows

1994–2002All ThatHimself15 episodes
2000JerseyVarsity 1Episode: “Nick’s a Chick”
2000Judging AmyFreddie FellemanEpisode: “The Wee Hours”
2000Touched by an AngelTeenage RobertEpisode: “The Grudge”
2000–2002The Amanda ShowSpaulding7 episodes
2001UndressedBlake40 episodes
2001RoswellMalamudEpisode: “Heart of Mine”
2001–2002MADtvVarious13 episodes
2002Do-OverDaveEpisode: “The Block Party”
2004Drake & JoshTrevorEpisode: “Dune Buggy”
2004Boston PublicAlex BuchananEpisode: “Chapter Seventy-Eight”
2004Still StandingAndyEpisode: “Still Narcing”
2004Stuck in the SuburbsJordan CahillTV film
2005Jake in ProgressToddEpisode: “Loose Thread”
2006GirlfriendsJordan GrayEpisode: “Hustle & Dough”
2006–2014How I Met Your MotherGary Blauman6 episodes
2006–2007Wild ‘n OutVarious29 episodes
2007Nick Cannon Presents: Short CircuitzVarious8 episodes; also, the writer
2009ScrubsJimmy4 episodes
2009Scrubs: InternsJimmyEpisode: “The Late Night with Jimmy Show”
2010–2016Saturday Night LiveHimself, Various126 episodes
2011CommunityCory RadissonEpisode: “Regional Holiday Music”
2012iCarlyAgent KinseyEpisode: “I Meet the First Lady”
2012Saturday Night Live Weekend Update ThursdayPatient, Steve Doocy, Guy2 episodes
2013–2018Drunk HistoryVarious6 episodes
2013–2015The AwesomesZip “Frantic” Danger (voice)Main role; 30 episodes
2014Comedy Bang! Bang!Smith CalvinsEpisode: “Jenna Fischer Wears a Floral Blouse & Black Heels”
2014Sesame StreetProfessor Buck AweEpisode: “School for Chickens”
2015–presentNature CatNature CatVoice
2016New GirlFredEpisode: “What About Fred”
2018A.P. BioMr. ViningEpisode: “Teacher Jail”
2018Robot ChickenVarious voicesEpisode: “Ext. Forest Day”
2018–2020Single ParentsWill CooperThe main role, 45 episodes
2018We Bare BearsWilloughby-Wentworth (voice)Episode: “Adopted”
2018Angie TribecaPierre Cardin6 Episodes
2019Documentary Now!Benedict JuniperEpisode: “Original Cast Album: Co-Op”
2019Arrested DevelopmentYoung George Bluth, Sr.
2019Full Frontal with Samantha BeeZam LarsonEpisode: “Not the White House Correspondents’ Dinner”
2019What Just Happened??! with Fred SavageHimselfEpisode: “Elevator”
2020The SimpsonsGlen Tangier/Airshot (voice)Episode: “Bart the Bad Guy”
2020VampirinaIchabod Crane (voice)Episode: “A Tale Of Two Hollows”
2020The George Lucas Talk ShowHimselfEpisode: “Revenge of The Sick”

Taran Killam Wife

Taran Killam remained in a relationship with Amanda Bynes the runner of The Amanda Show. But this fling ended soon. After that Killam was seen around on different occasions with Cobie Smulders. They first met at the mutual Friend’s Birthday party. They dated for a long time and got engaged in 2009. Finally, they decided to tie the knot and got married on September 8, 2012, in Solvang California.

In an interview with US Weekly Killam revealed that music helped to blossom their relationship. He even said that the two “fell in love” while listening to jazz music. Talking more about it he said “both really like live music” and even going to jazz clubs.

And still, they are happily married with their two very beautiful daughters.

Taran Killam Net Worth Findnetworth

Taran Killam Children

Taran Killam has two daughters; Shaelyn Cado Killam and Janita Mae Killam. Both daughters of the power couple are still very young. Shaelyn 12 years old was born on May 16th, 2009 in New York. While Janita was born in January 2015 and is 6 years old.
The news of Cobie Smulders’s second pregnancy came after she attended the 2015 Sundance Film Festival.

Taran Killam Houses

Killam and Cobie are still in struggles to offload their condo in Battery Park. They paid $2.07 million for the three-bedroom, three-bathroom condo back in 2011. Then they hoisted it onto the market in April 2017, asking just $4 million for the 1,580-square-foot apartment.

Still, they haven’t found a buyer for their 2 River Terrace Unit. They cut the price from 4 Million $ to 3.6 and then again to 3.4 Million $ in late December 2017. Then in January 2018, they removed the penthouse from the sales Market overall. But again, they had made the offer more enticing by further reducing the amount to 3.2 Million $.

Taran Killam Net Worth Findnetworth Home

“I have a little home in Venice that I am living in right now, which is sort of like a ranch-style, house-like bungalow, and it’s a beautiful, cute, little house, simplistic but tiny, tiny. And we just moved back from New York and we have another child now. So, my poor daughters are sharing a room that is not even really fit for one human. So, we purchased a larger house, and it’s sort of like a traditional house. It has dormers, and the roof is old wood shingles from the 1920s. The interior needs a serious update so we gutted the entire thing and we are about four months into our renovation right now and it’s pretty insane!”

Taran Killam Net Worth Findnetworth  Home

Taran Killam Hobbies and Favorite Food

Although Killam is always busy with new projects now and then, he still has time to spend on his hobbies. His hobbies include watching sports, listening to Music especially classical Indian, and Food! Yes, Food is also a hobby of Taran Killam. He is a big fan of Chinese food. And the favorite color of this famous comedian is Black.

Frequently Asked Questions About Taran Killam

Q1: Are Taran Killam and Cobie Smulders still Married?

A: Yes, at the age of 38 and more than a decade of marriage and relationship, both of them are happily married.

Q2: What Nationality is Taran Killam?

A: American

Q3: How much Taran Killam Weigh?

A: In Kilograms, he weighed 80 Kgs, in Pounds the figure is 176.37 lbs.

Q:4 What is Taran Killam Net Worth?

A: As an actor, comedian, writer, and voice-over artist the net worth of Taran Killam are 10 Million $.


That’s all for now. I am sure that now you are aware of Taran Killam’s personal and professional life. I hope you like the article. Visit our website to read biographies of your favorite celebrities.

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