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Thomas MacDonald is a former professional wrestler and rapper from Canada. With the release of his song “Whiteboy,” MacDonald grew to fame, and his singles “Fake Woke” and “Snowflakes” both charted on the Billboard Hot 100 in 2021. His songs revolving around famous society issues are loved by the public and there is no doubt TOM MACDONALDS NET WORTH has grown to a figure of 1 Million $.

It is safe to say that 2021 has been excellent for Macdonald’s.

TOM MACDONALD’S Findnetworth

As per the current year, Tom MacDonald is regarded as one the of hip-most hop contentious rappers. People who know his work realize that he is much more than a visionary hip-hop musician.


Tom MacDonald’s yearly, monthly, weekly, daily, and hourly earnings are summarized and estimated here. Remember that the money he makes is taxed, and he is at the highest tax rate. So, before diving into the detailed information about Tom Macdonald’s life, here are some quick facts:

Tom Macdonald’s NET WORTH:$ 1.00 MILLION
Tom Macdonald’s YEARLY INCOME:$ 3 Million
Tom Macdonald’s MONTHLY INCOME:$ 2,50,000
Tom Macdonald’s DATE OF BIRTH:21 SEPTEMBER, 1998
Tom Macdonald’s AGE:32 YEARS
Tom Macdonald’s GENDER:MALE
Tom Macdonald’s HEIGHT:6 ft 1 in
Tom Macdonald’s WEIGHT:69 KG
Tom Macdonald’s PROFESSION:Rapper, You Tuber, Wrestler, Song Writer
Tom Macdonald’s BIRTHPLACE:Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
Tom Macdonald’s ZODIAC SIGN:Virgo
Tom Macdonald’s CURRENT Residency:Los Angeles, California, USA
Tom Macdonald’s NATIONALITY:Canadian

Tom Macdonald’s Early Life

Famous “Fake Woke” singer Thomas Macdonald was born in Canada on September 21, 1988. He became a wrestler in his teen years while still in High School. That’s why he moved to Los Angeles to become a professional wrestler.

Then after Macdonald’s YouTube channel, he got popular. His rare choice of topics for singing earned him a lot of love and attention from his fans all over the world.

Tom Macdonald’s Family

Talking about Tom Macdonald’s family, there is not much to mention here. Macdonald’s mother’s name is Lee-Ann Macdonald and his father’s name is still unknown. Though he shares pictures on his Instagram with his father which shows they are really close and a happy family.

There have been reports about Tom Macdonald’s sister’s weddings. He once shared a post on Instagram where he mentioned that he has taken his sister, her boyfriend, and his own girlfriend to WWE RAW in 2018. Looking at this we can easily say that he has a really loving family. As you can see his picture (from his official Facebook Account) with his sister:

Tom Macdonalds Family

Who is Tom Macdonald’s Girlfriend?

He unlike many other performers, incorporates a public preconception about partnerships. He keeps his current relationship under wraps, as seen by his social media posts. Based on their internet photos, he often showers her girlfriend with love. Moreover, unlike many celebrities who switch spouses on a regular basis, Tom has been committed to Nova Rockefeller since 2017.

Nova Rockefeller is an Instagram celebrity with over 35,000 followers who is a rapper, filmmaker, and producer. This is another thing Macdonald’s fans love about him. Whatmore, they set the couple goals for everyone by making a Music Band together named “GFBF”. The song “Pillz” was a major hit of the band. Until now the Lovey-Dovey couple and band partners have released 8 albums altogether.

They have known one another since 2009 and begun dating in 2017. They just spent their very next Valentine’s Day together. A friendship develops into love, as the adage goes, and the same applies to this couple. Their love seemed to grow stronger with each passing day. Despite being around a lot of ladies, he only has one girlfriend, Nova Rockefeller, who is also a Canadian native.

Who is Tom Macdonald’s Girlfriend Findnetworth

Tom Macdonald’s Net Worth Is Not The Same As Revenue

You might be thinking about why I am saying these words. But it’s true. The net worth of Tom Macdonald is not the same as revenue.

To determine the net worth, the market value of an individual’s assets is subtracted from the amount of debt he/she owes. If MacDonald’s only asset was a $2 million mansion in Los Angeles and he has a $1.5 million mortgage, the total net worth of Tom Macdonald would be half a million, or $500,000, despite his income. Due to a condition known as “lifestyle creep,” when people get used to spending more than they make, many celebrities with high earnings have a low net worth.

Income Source of Tom Macdonald

He earns money from a number of different sources. He makes money by selling CDs, music videos on YouTube, products on his website, and singing tours. For your information, a total number of 1,000,000 copies of his album sold after the song’s first release and that is a good feat. He even gets a lot of royalties when people listen to his songs on Spotify. Under the Hangover Gang label, Tom also developed his own line of goods. Tees, sweatpants, caps, bandanas, and other accessories are among the items available.

MacDonald’s YouTube channel has over 589 million views and generates around $1.2 million in income before state taxes. And as of the current state, Tom Macdonald’s net worth is $1 Million.

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Macdonald As A Wrestler

He eventually went by the ring moniker Allstar as a Professional Wrestler.  Tom Macdonald became a wrestler while still in high school and performed as a professional wrestler under the ring name ALLSTAR. He found his passion in wrestling at an early age and began wrestling in 2004 with Real Canadian Wrestling (RCW) and remained with the organization until 2009.

Tom Macdonald’s Rapping Career

The famous singer began rapping at the age of 18 and gained prominence in February 2018 with the release of the track “Whiteboy.”His song “Straight White Male,” concerning MacDonald’s opinion that straight white males are being vilified, was panned on social media for its content.

MacDonald released the track “Cloned Rappersin September 2019, in which he rapped about the conspiracy belief that the Illuminati was cloning rappers and destroying the originals. Before Falling in Reverse’s Episode IV in which MacDonald was planned to be a support act, it got cancelled. “White Trash,” “Sellout,” “Best Rapper Ever,” “Cancer,” and “Angels” were among the 20 singles he released in 2020. The single “Coronavirus,” composed about the COVID-19 epidemic, was released in March 2020 by MacDonald.

MacDonald debuted at number 96 on the Billboard Hot 100 with his track “Fake Woke” in January 2021. MacDonald paid $100,000 for one of Eminem’s NFTs,”Stan’s Revenge,” which was published as part of his “Shady Con” event with Nifty Gateway. In May 2021, MacDonald released his song “Dear Slim,” which included the instrumental. The music video for the song was a tribute to Eminem’s “Stan” music video from 2000. He released “Snowflakes” in June 2021, and it debuted at number 71 on the Billboard Hot 100, overtaking “Fake Woke” as MacDonald’s highest-charting single.

Tom Macdonald’s Artistry

Macdonald’s songs and his personality have always been part of controversies. He has fandom to die for but still, there are haters too because of his controversial lyrics in his song representing the music industry in a bad way. But he praises openly the real talent.

He said his inspiration comes from Eminem, Joy cocker, The Beatles, Pink Floyd, Led Zeppelin, Janis Joplin, Black Sabbath, and Aerosmith.

As one of the workers of  INKED has described Macdonald as

“one of the most divisive personas hip hop has ever seen and that his fanbase clings onto every word he utters”. And it is quite right, his fanbase adores him and thinks of like a Music God.”

Tom Macdonald albums

  • 2014 – LeeAnn’s son
  • 2015- See You Tomorrow, Dream people and the whiskey wars
  • 2017- Dear rappers , Castles, Pillz
  • 2018- Deathreats, Helluvit , Hangman, White boy, This house, American dreams, Exposure, Politically Incorrect, Everybody hates me
  • 2019-  Ghostories, I wish, Sad rappers, Straight white male,Lethal injection, Mac lethal sucks,If I was black, Buttholes, I’m sorry, Ashes, Cloned rappers, Trying to kill me, Fake fans, I hate hip hop, Famous, Travelers.
  • 2020- Killing the neighbors, Gravestones, Flowers for the dead, White trash, Sober, Bad news, D.R.U.G, I don’t care, Coronavirus, Blame the Rappers, I don’t think, I can’t sleep, No response, My fans, The music industry , People are so stupid, Sell out, Cancer, I’m corny, No lives matter
  • 2021- As far as stars, Fake woke, Cancelled,  clown world, No good bastards, Church, Heart emojis, Snowflakes, Don’t look down, Withdrawals, Brainwashed, Gang Gang.


The majority of MacDonald’s fortune came from the sales of his major hits.

  • Flowers for the Dead, Therapy, and Macbeth( mixed tape)
  • Gravestones, Ghostories, Deathreats, Dream People & the Whiskey Wars, As Far As The Stars, See You Tomorrow, and LeeAnn’s Son.(albums)
  • Also, Tom Macdonald’s “Snow Flakes”, “Fake Woke”, and Corona Virus were also the major hits.

Nominations and awards

In his singing career, he has earned a lot of awards and nominations. He was nominated for the Leo Award, which is the highest honor in the entertainment industry. This was due to his music’s widespread popularity across the country.


Macdonald’s body and face are covered in tattoos. On the inside of his eyelids, he has dollar signs tattooed. His neck, arms, and body are covered in tattoos. Because he has so many tattoos, it’s difficult to tell what each one represents. But still, let’s have a look at what these tattoos represent.

HOG, which stands for “Hang Over Gang,” is a tattoo on Tom MACDONALD’s bottom lip. This is a dig at Tom’s devoted followers.

“2nd Rodeo” is tattooed under his right eye.


He also has “Only Fear Yourself” tattooed on his finger.


Floralee and Emily: “Emily” is written above his left eye, and “Floralee” is written on his scalp. He and his sister are so close and he appreciates her assistance in his life. She could be the tattoo’s “Emily” reference. Flora lee’s whereabouts remain unknown.


On his right arm, “Passion” is tattooed and he also tattooed a poem on his arm.


There are obviously many more on his face neck and other parts of the body each depicting a meaning, but for now, this should suffice.

Is Tom Macdonald an Alcoholic?

MacDonald has battled alcoholism for most of his life, and in 2017 he suffered a “severe breakdown” that drove him to seek treatment. Unlike others, Tom Macdonald is very open with his fans about his alcoholism and other issues. On December 29, 202, he shares a tweet regarding his battle against Alcoholism.

“From drinking like it was my job to fully losing my mind to barely surviving in South Central to NOW This is for the ones questioning their path, disheartened from the journey. RECOVERY IS POSSIBLE. Not only is RECOVERING possible.- but so is rebuilding better than before. FIGHT”

This shows Tom Macdonald is a fighter not just in the ring but also outside of the ring and that’s what makes him so special to his fans. I mean more than a million fans following on YouTube itself shows the worth of Macdonald in his fan’s eyes.

Greatest Tom MacDonald Quotes from His Lyrics

“Everybody has a tale that they’re too afraid to tell, you can see it in the cracks in their hands.”

Tom MacDonald

“We’ve all got problems, and we all feel alone, we’ve all been haunted by the secrets we hold.”

Tom MacDonald

“Black people hate me, they say that I’m racist, my feelings don’t match with their message, whoa.”

Tom MacDonald

“They can hide it in the silence, they can bury it and fight it, but it comes out when their hair is turning grey.”

Tom MacDonald

And the one which is my favorite and is loved by everyone is:

“Everybody’s got a story; if you look a little closer, you can see it in the wrinkles in their face.”

Tom MacDonald


So, that’s it for now. There have been many factors still hidden from the world about Tom Macdonald’s life. But now as he is getting more fame, we will get to know about him more. As of now we just know that he is an independent singer/rapper with a net worth of 1.1 Million $ which is only going to rise because his fandom is growing like a wildfire.

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