The Facts About Kristine Froseth

If you are a fan of fashion magazines, you would know how Kristine Froseth is a well-known model and actress who has her origin both from Norway and America (how amazing!). However, there is so much to know about her and people know so little (she really deserves everyone to know about her). So, are you ready to find out details about her?

Kristine Froseth

Kristine Froseth Bio 

When it comes down to Kristine Froseth bio, she was born on 21st September back in 1996. She is a Norwegian & American model and actress and you might know her as Kelly from The Society (it’s a very well-famous Netflix TV show). In addition, she has played Alaska in Looking for Alaska which streamed on Hulu sometime ago. 

She was born in the U.S. to Norwegian parents which means kept traveling to and from Oslo, New Jersey, and Norway (all this traveling was due to the father’s work). One fine day, she went to the audition of catwalks in Norway and that’s where this gem of talent was discovered. In addition, she was scouted by the IMG models for the local yet highly anticipated fashion show at a mall. 

Over the course of her career, she has modeled for various big brand names, inclusive of H&M, Armani, Miu Miu, and Juicy Couture. As far as the acting regime (or may we say career?) started when one of the casting directors stumbled upon her photos and was encouraged to take an audition for Looking for Alaska (it was the film adaptation of the novel) but that film was never made. 

However, she became a part of the pilot episode of Let The Right One In back in 2016 and also starred in Rebel In The Eye in the year 2017. As in 2018, she took part in two Netflix movies, named Apostle and Sierra Burgess Is a Loser. Not to forget, she has been an essential part of The Truth About The Harry Quebert Affair (yup, the same mini-series). 

However, in the same year of 2018, Hulu took on the Looking for Alaska season and she became a part of the series as Alaska Young. When we talk about the movies, she has been a part of New Face, False Alarm, Junior, Killing Me To Love You, The Society, Prey, The Assistant, Low Tide, Sharp Stick, The First Lady, and the Birds of Paradise. 

When we look at her modeling career, she has been a part of the Harper’s Bazaar Serbia back in 2016. Not to forget, she has been featured in W Magazine and Elle Norway which is almost all of her modeling career. However, she has also worked with various fashion brands. Also, let’s not forget about her modeling jobs in TWELV Magazine in the fall/winter issue in 2012. 

Kristine Froseth age


Kristine Froseth Age 

When it comes down to age, it’s needless to say that the fans are always trying to know more details about their personal lives. As far as Kristine Froseth’s age is concerned, she was born back in 1996 which makes her around 25 years old (pretty young and sweet, right?).


Kristine Froseth net worth

Kristine Froseth’s Net Worth

To be precise, her net worth is likely to be approximately $400,000 and most of her company comes from films and movies. She started off her way as a model but she has also made her way into acting and we love how she has been playing the complicated and the most intriguing characters with perfection. Also, the majority of her money comes from being an entertainer. 

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When we talk about her fashion career and modeling, she has worked with Calvin Klein, Armani, Forever 21, Gucci, Chanel, H&M, Urban Outfitters, RMK Cosmetics, and many more (yup, that’s how she earns a truckload of money). To summarize, she is looking at a bright future and she really earns a decent amount of money, so Kristin Froseth’s net worth is likely to rise!

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