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In this article, we will tell you about Eric Andre Net Worth, Age, relationships, and more. One of the 21st century’s most famous stand-up comedians; Eric Andre, is appreciated by many for his skills and creative abilities. Known as an American Comedian and Actor, he got famous for The Eric Andre Show on Adult Swim. Eric Andre fans from across the world love him and want to know everything about his personal and professional life.

Eric Andre Findnetworth

If you also want to know more about Eric Andre Net worth, early life, and relationships, then you’re at the right place. Below, we’ll be presenting you with a detailed Eric Andre Biography with details on his relationships, earnings, career, and more. In 2021, Eric Andre has a net worth of $4 million. He earned it from acting in movies, Eric Andre Show, and other such media ventures.

Net Worth:$4 Million
Date of Birth:April 4, 1983
Age:38 Years Old
Sun Sign:Aries
Also Known as:Eric Samuel André
Height:1.83 m
Profession:Stand-up Comedian, Actor, Television Host, Writer, and producer
Birthplace:Boca Raton, Florida, United States
Nationality:United States of America
Education:Alexander W. Dreyfoos School of the Arts (2001) College: Berklee College of Music (2005)
Marital Status:Unmarried
Last Updated:2021
Instagram Account Eric’s Instagram

These were a few quick insights into Eric Andre’s life. Now, let us discuss Eric Andre’s profession and all about the personal life of EricAndre in more detail. Below, you will get details about the following:

  • Eric Andre Early life
  • Eric AndreCareer
  • Eric AndreMovies
  • Eric AndreNet Worth
  • Eric AndreRelationships and Splits
  • Frequently asked questions about Eric Andre
  • Eric Andre Trivia and Fun facts
  • Eric Andre Quotes

Eric Andre Early Life

Eric Andre was born on April 4th, 1983 in Boca Raton, Florida. His father, named Pierre, has African-Haitian roots and is a psychiatrist by profession. Eric’s Mother, called Natalie, is a Jewish American and belonged to Upper West Manhattan. Such lineage makes Eric Andre both Black and Jewish. Eric has only one sister, Amy, who is older than him.

Eric Andre Early Life Findnetworth

In 2001, Eric graduated from DrеуfооѕЅсhооlОfThеАrtѕ, Florida. Later in 2005, he pursued music from ВеrklееСоllеgе іn Маѕѕасhuѕеttѕ and got his Bachelors degree from the same place.

Eric’s age in 2021 is 38 years. He weighs around 77 kgs and is 1.83 m tall. He is often appreciated for Shock humor and cringes comedy and many see him as the unprecedented king of these comic genres.

Eric Andre Career

Many Eric fans still do not know how Eric’s career started. Well, it was back in 2003 that Eric started as a comedian. He performed as a stand-up comedian for the first time on “Live at Gotham” in 2007. Later in 2009, he appeared at “Comedy. TV” as a stand-up comedian again. In the same year, he managed to bag a side-role in the movie named “The Invention of Lying”.

Eric Andre Career Findnetworth

After 2010, Eric became a well-known face on American TV and Hollywood. He appeared as a guest star on “Curb Your Enthusiasm”, in a documentary called “The Awkward Comedy Show”, some short films, and sitcoms on the leading American TV channels. Eric’s Acting career also includes a role in the famous “The Big Bang Theory”, “Skate Troopers”, “Zeke and Luther”, and “Hot in Cleveland”. Another one of his memorable TV shows is “The Internship” in 2012.

In 2012, Eric started co-authoring and hosting “The Eric Andre Show” on Adult Swim and this show got him way more fame than before. Even after having a full show on his name, Eric continued acting in movies and sitcoms. It wouldn’t be wrong to claim that after 2012, Eric has been a part of at least 2 hit-acting projects each year. Over these years, Eric has shared the screen with stars like Ilana Glazer, Scarlett Johansson, Jillian Bell, Owen Wilson, Kate McKinnon, Zoë Kravitz, and Vince Vaughn; and fulfilled his on-screen roles quite well.

Eric has also worked as a voice-over artist, lending his voice in “Lucas Bros. Moving Co.” and to Azizi in The Lion King’srecent remake.

Eric Andre Movies

Eric has acted in so many sitcoms and movies to date that it is hard to name every one of his projects here. However, below are some of his most notable acting appearances in different years:

Eric Andre Movies Findnetworth
2009The Invention of Lying, Curb Your Enthusiasm,
2010The Awkward Comedy Show, The Big Bang Theory, Thin Skin
2011Zeke and Luther, Hot in Cleveland, Fact Checkers Unit, Level Up  
2012Should’ve Been Romeo, Don’t Trust the B—- in Apartment 23
20132 Broke Girls, The Internship
2015Flock of Dudes
2016Popstar: Never Stop Never Stopping, Animals, Traveling the Stars: Action Bronson and Friends Watch Ancient Aliens, American Dad!
2017Rough Night, Man Seeking Woman
2019The Lion King,
2020Legalize Everything
2021Bad Trip, The Mitchells vs. the Machines, Jackass Forever, Sing 2

Eric Andre Net Worth

Over time, Eric has accumulated a considerable amount of money and his fans always want some insights into his net income, assets, cars, house, and more.

Eric Andre Net Worth Findnetworth

While Eric’s personal life and monetary details are not disclosed by him, critics and magazines have found a way to get some idea of his bank balance and the total amount of money he owns in 2021. You might be surprised to know that Eric Andre Net Worth in 2021 is around $4 Million. Some unreliable sources have also quoted that in August 2021, Eric Andre’s total bank balance touched $5 million. However, since this net worth is not yet confirmed by any reliable resource, we cannot say for sure if it is truly his net worth.

Sources claim that Eric earns around $3300 to $5600 for each sponsored Instagram post. He is also said to own a Range Rover and a Mercedes SUV. Both the cars combined make around $200,000.

Eric Andre Relationships and Splits

Andre likes to keep his personal life private but has at times hinted about his love life not being good enough since he focuses more on his work. He reportedly dated Rosario Dawson, a beautiful actress, between the years 2016 and 2017. Unfortunately, they broke up and Eric remained single for a long time.

Eric Andre Relationships and Splits Findnetworth

However, recently the comedian shared that he had been dating a lady during the quarantine period. He met his recent love at a farmer’s market and the girl did not know about Andre’s fame until they started going out together.

Before 2016, Andre was with Tatyana Ali in 2014 and dated Amber Rose in 2015. Unfortunately, both his relationships were short-lived and did not bring much to the table.

Frequently asked questions about Eric Andre

Where is Eric Andre from?

Eric Andre is an American from Boca Raton, Florida.

Is Eric Andre A Nihilist?

Although he has never claimed any such thing, Eric is believed to be Nihilist by many. However, Andre openly takes pride in being an agnostic atheist as well as a disciple of Transcendental meditation.

Who Are Eric Andre Parents?

Eric Andre’s father is a psychiatrist, and his mother is an LGBTQ advocate

Who Are Eric Andre Parents Findnetworth
  • Eric is an atheist Black Jew and very proudly claims his descent from Israel.
  • Eric got interested in acting when he was just 6 years old
  • As a high school student, Eric would record raps on his own inside home
  • Despite being a music lover and having a degree in music, he gave up on it when he was 22 and favored acting over music
  • Eric was disappointed with Civil War enactment ads because no black person was being represented.
  • Eric wants to date Sofia Rodriguez and admired Maya Angelou
  • During his high school years, Eric was suspended several times for mooning his mates, taking meth, and not having his shoes on.
  • Eric says that he had a lot of stress and anxiety issues but practicing meditation has helped him with these issues
  • Eric loves history and wants to learn more about it
  • He once crashed an event and was sent to jail
  • Eric does not believe in defining his sexual beliefs and orientation

Eric Andre Quotes

Eric Andre Quotes Findnetworth
Eric Andre Quotes
  • “My Dad looks like Arthur Ashe, my mom looks like Howard Stern.”
  • “I set out to make the worst talk-show on the planet ever and I succeeded”
  • “I got beat up at a Mensa convention, that was kind of cool.”
  • “It’s not easy being a black woman. It looks like shit every morning.”
  • “Everyone in rap talks about money. I don’t even believe in money. I’m a communist, I did this whole communist rap. It’s so embarrassing. I’d never show anyone”
  • “I voted for Obama twice. I just think at the end of the day he’s a politician and he’s murdering innocent people.”
  • “I don’t believe that the position of burning balls of hydrogen millions of light-years away have anything to do with my personality.”
  • “I feel like The Civil War AND The Crusades never officially ended. I also feel like Eddie Murphy doesn’t age.”
  • “I was Rastafarian for 4 months in the 9th grade”


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