All The Facts About Kelly Clarkson That You Should Know!

For everyone who has a thing for music, it’s needless to say that they know about Kelly Clarkson as she is one of the most popular American songwriters and singers. She is basically from American Idol and that’s actually how she earned the popularity. She has become the ultimate pop and rock star after she won the reality talent show around two decades ago. Still, if you want to know more, we have the Kelly Clarkson biography mapped out for you in this article!

Kelly Clarkson Biography

Kelly Clarkson Biography 

To begin with, she was born in 1982 and belongs to Texas (Fort Worth, to be precise). However, she was breaded and raised in Burleson, Texas, U.S. The most intriguing fact is that her talent was identified by the choir teacher at her school (the talent was identified when she was in the 7th class). After high school, Kelly shifted to Los Angeles where she tried her luck in Hollywood and show business but she failed at the attempt. 

Fast forward to 2002, she moved back to Texas and took part in American Idol which is known as the reality singing contest. With this show, the audience had the liberty to vote for their preferred and beloved singer/performer. As far as Kelly Clarkson is concerned, she was popular for her amazing voice, and not to forget, people were extremely fond of her sense of humor and charisma that she brought to the stage. 

That being said, Kelly actually won the contest as she reached the final round while defeating all other opponents. As far as the prize is concerned, she won the recording agreement with RCA and not to forget the $1 million that was added to her bank account. After the competition was over, she released “A Moment Like This” which made an amazing hit (it was her first single, by the way). Then, in 2003, she launched “Thankful” and 2004 witnessed the amazingly popular “Breakaway.”

Actually, Breakaway became the most popular single collection as she managed to sell over eleven million copies. Not to forget, the same album earned her the Grammy award from the best pop vocal arena. Later in 2007, Kelly Clarkson launched a new album, My December which was based on rock music and the entire album was confessional. As far as the song tracks are concerned, they were co-written by one of the performers. 

In 2009, she launched “all I ever wanted” while in 2011, she launched “stronger” which was the album that won her the second Grammy award in the same arena. Moreover, she collaborated with Jason Aldean with the song, “don’t you wanna stay” in 2010 with which she experimented with country music. In addition, she launched the holiday album named Wrapped In Red, back in 2013 while her ballad-oriented Piece by Piece gained extreme recognition in 2015. 

Fast forward to 2017, she ventured with the Atlantic Records as she launched her 8th album, named Meaning Of Life. Progressively in 2018, she became a part of The Voice (the television singing contest) as a coach and also became a part of Ugly Dolls as she offered the animated voice. Moreover, in 2019, she won the Emmy Award for being the best talk show host in the entertainment niche. Truth be told, Kelly’s winning in American Idol opened the door of success that she had never imagined. 

Kelly Clarkson Personal Life

What About The Personal Life?

For the most part, we have already talked about her birth and raising place but there are way more details that her fans are always interested to know. Well, as far as the dating life is concerned, she dated Brandon Blackstock in 2012, who is a well-known talent manager. After dating for a year, they both got married in 2013 in Tennessee (the wedding venue was the Blackberry Farm which looked magical). Not to forget, her husband has been the manager ever since they got married. 

She is the stepmother to a son and daughter that Brandon had from the first marriage but they also have a daughter together who was born in 2014. In addition, she gave birth to a son in 2016. However, this lovey-dovey couple got separated in 2020 when the divorce was filed due to personal clashes. Not to forget, she also won the custody of her kids from Brandon. Moreover, she had been suffering from thyroid and autoimmune conditions ever since 2006 but it was revealed back in 2019. 

kelly clarkson net worth

Net Worth Of Kelly Clarkson

Well, when we are talking about such superstars, how is it possible that we don’t talk about the net worth and how much money that she has in the bank account. According to the 2021 stats, her net worth is likely to be around $45 million and her first earning was obviously the prize money that she won from American Idol. After the competition, she has sold around forty-five million singles along with twenty-five million albums. 

Moreover, she managed to earn some huge bucks from the musical tours, and as per the estimates, she bagged around $60 million. Not to forget, she has earned money from various acting gigs, such as Trolls World Tour and That 80’s Show. When it comes down to the salary, she earns approximately $14 million for one season of The Voice. Also, she became part of The Voice as a consultant from the second season. Fast forward to the 14th season, she is the full-time coach of the show. 

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As far as earning the money is concerned, she bagged money from hosting the talk show, book sales, and endorsement deals (she has worked with some big brand names, by the way). Kelly Clarkson has various real estate investments as she has some amazing holdings. To name a few, she has a cabin in Montana, a mansion in her wedding state, Tennessee, and a house in Encino. However, when she filed the divorce, she had to put up three real estate properties for sale.

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