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The famous “Deja Vu” singer Olivia Rodrigo is finally out there, continuing to break records and making fans of all ages. This 18-year-old Actress and Singer rose to international fame after the launch of her first-ever musical album. I mean, 2021 is just incomplete without talking about Olivia Rodrigo and listening to her amazingly soothing songs. So, here we are with everything, from Olivia Rodrigo’s net worth to her relationships, you must know about her.

Olivia Rodrigo Findnetworth

At just the age of 18, the singer already has a net worth of 4 Million $ and it’s just the start of her career. Before diving into the details about her net worth, let’s look at some quick facts about Olivia Rodrigo. 

Quick Facts About Olivia Rodrigo

  Net Worth of Olivia Rodrigo  4 Million $
Date of Birth/Age of Olivia RodrigoFebruary 20, 2003/ 18 years old
Height of Olivia Rodrigo5 ft 5 inches (1.65m)
The profession of Olivia RodrigoActress/Singer
Nationality of Olivia RodrigoFilipina – American
Zodiac Sign of Olivia RodrigoPisces
Instagram AccountOlivia’s Insta

Now we know some quick facts about Olivia Rodrigo. So, let’s get into the detail. Also, here is a summary of what we will be discussing about her.

Olivia Rodrigo Net Worth Findnetworth
  • Early Life of Olivia Rodrigo
  • Olivia Rodrigo Career as Actress
  • Olivia Rodrigo Career as Singer
  • Other Ventures of Olivia Rodrigo
  • Olivia Rodrigo House and Assets s
  • Olivia Rodrigo Relationships
  • Olivia Rodrigo Net worth and Earnings So Far
  • How Olivia Rodrigo spends her 4 Million $ fortune?
  • How did Olivia Rodrigo Get famous?
  • Summary

Stick to the end to get to know the beautiful and talented Olivia Rodrigo.

Early Life of Olivia Rodrigo

The famous “Driver’s license” singer was born on February 20, 2003, in Temecula, California. Olivia Rodrigo is of Filipino-American Nationality because her father is Filipino-American and her Mother is German/Irish. Her father’s name is Ronald Rodrigo who is a doctor by profession and her mother’s name is Sophia Rodrigo who works at a private hospital as a receptionist. This means she had a financially stable background even before she stepped into the entertainment world.

Olivia Rodrigo Net Worth Findnetworth

Talking about education, Olivia completed her schooling at Lisa J. Mails Elementary School and Dorothy McElhinney Middle School.

Just at the age of six, she started taking acting classes. She was already appearing in local theater productions at such a young age.

Olivia Rodrigo Acting Career

As, we already know she started playing roles in theaters, it was not shocking when she started getting professional acting roles in commercials. The earliest success of Olivia Rodrigo was her modeling role in a commercial for Old Navy.

In 2015, she made her first acting debut in a Disney movie “An American Girl: Grace Stirs Up Succeeds”. The movie was later released on Disney Channel and Netflix. But, unfortunately, her name got misspelled from Olivia Rodrigo to Olivo Rodrigo in the Netflix credits.

Olivia Rodrigo Acting Career Findnetworth

Later, in 2016, she got another role in a Disney Series named “Bizaardivark”. She was starred alongside another future star Jake Paul, in the series. Olivia appeared in total three seasons of Bizaardivark from 2016 to 2019. In these three years, she earned a lot of success and made her name in the acting world. With this project, she moved to Los Angeles and that’s where her journey to success started.

Then another season, “High School Musical: The Musical: The Series”, aired on Disney+ Channel and that’s where she got her fame. People started following her on social media accounts. Her acting and pretty personality won the hearts of millions of people. She also wrote and performed the two songs in the show. “Just for a Moment” and “All I want” were the first two songs. “Just for a Moment” was a song she co-writes with Joshua Bassett, who was also her co-star in the series. And it seems like, with these two soundtracks for the project, Olivia finds her path toward success.

Olivia Rodrigo Singing Career

Olivia Rodrigo First Debut

Almost at the end of 2020, Olivia signed her first record deal with famous Interscope/Geffen Records. And when, on January 8, 2021, she released her first debut single “Drivers License”, it took the world by storm. It was like everyone was listening to Olivia Rodrigo. The world was talking about her, her songs, and her acting. 

Olivia Rodrigo Net Worth Findnetworth

Olivia’s first album broke Spotify’s records just in three days of its release. Firstly, on January 11, her song was streamed 15.7 million times, and secondly, on January 12, when it was streamed 17 million times globally.

This song alone debuted at #1 on the Billboard Hot 100. And like it was not enough, “Drivers License” topped the global charts in Norway, the UK, the Netherlands, New Zealand, Australia, and Ireland.

Olivia Rodrigo Second Debut

Just after two months of her first song’s success, on April 1, 2021, her second single debut “Deja Vu” launched in the market. And like the first one, this song also debuted at #8 on Billboard.

Olivia Rodrigo Net Worth Findnetworth

And by this, Olivia becomes the first Artist in musical history whose first two songs debuted in the top 10 of the Billboard Hot 100.

Olivia Rodrigo Third Debut

It seems like the word “Stop” is unknown to Olivia. Within the month of the second single debut, she came with another album “ Good 4 u” on May 14, 2021.

Olivia’s this album also debuted at number# 1 on Billboard top 100 and just like that it becomes her second song to rank number 1 on billboards after Drivers License.

Olivia Rodrigo Net Worth Findnetworth

Then within the same month on May 21, 2021, she released her album Sour. It brings a lot of praise to her. By that time, she was already loved and admired at the international level.  The album Sour consists of “Brutal”, “One Step Forward, Three Steps Back”, “Enough For You”, “Happier”, “Jealousy, Jealousy”, “Favorite Crime”, and “Hope Ur Okay”.

Olivia is known as a pop, pop-rock, indie pop, teen pop, alternative pop, and bubblegum pop artist. She said her inspiration comes from Taylor Swift and Lorde. She even claimed her one of the biggest fans of Taylor Swift in the whole world.

Other Ventures of Olivia Rodrigo

At just the age of 18, she had not just released three successful albums but had also met President Joe Biden. On July 13, 2021, Olivia Rodrigo was involved in a White House Effort to promote COVID-19 vaccinations.

Olivia Rodrigo Net Worth Findnetworth

There she met Joe Biden and vice president Kamala Harris and discussed her efforts. Reportedly, she will also record videos regarding the importance of Young people getting vaccinated against COVID-19.

Olivia Rodrigo House and Assets

Buying a house before graduating high school is quite impressive. But in the case of Olivia, her talent is worth everything she owns, including a charming home. Recently talking about her album Sour and new house, Olivia said:

“Yeah, it’s very weird. I turned 18, and then I came back and finished my album and moved out and everything. So it was all a very condensed growing-up experience… I have like a month left of senior year, and I’ve sort of been neglecting that because I’ve been off making my album, I sort of forgot I was a high school student.”

Olivia Rodrigo Net Worth Findnetworth

She recently bought a new apartment and now living on her own and all that at just the age of 18 years.

Talking about other assets, Olivia Rodrigo also has her car. She has Vintage White Mercedes. And it’s just the start of her career. I am pretty sure that in the coming years her net worth figure will be nth times more than now.

Olivia Rodrigo Boyfriend/Relationships

Our stunning and talented Olivia Rodrigo was considered single until last month. She was seen with Adam faze at Space Jam 2 premiere. The couple was spotted kissing and that’s where it got confirmed that she is in an affair with Adam Faze.

Olivia Rodrigo Net Worth Findnetworth

In past, she also remained in a short relationship with EthanHacker. Their relationship started in 2018 but after a year they decided to part ways. They are still good friends and there is nothing break-my-heart kind of stuff between them.
Rumors said that her second affair was with high school Musical co-star Joshua Bassett. But both of them never accepted this on the public platform and denied being in a relationship. Another rumor; she was involved with a guy Colin Haskins but there is no true evidence about this.

Olivia Rodrigo Net Worth and Earnings So Far

Currently, Olivia Rodrigo has an estimated net worth of 4 Million $. The paychecks from massive and hit songs, albums, and Disney projects are the reason behind Olivia’s 4 Million $ net worth.

Olivia Rodrigo Net Worth Findnetworth

How Olivia Rodrigo Earns and Spends her 4 Million $ Fortune?

Unlike other celebrities, Olivia is pretty smart in earning and spending her 4 Million $ fortune. As we already know, she bought her own house even before she was 18 years old. She spends money on this house after her acting debut in Bizaardivark which brought her first massive paychecks.

Her social media platforms also have a lot of following and everyone can have this idea that one can earn pretty well from there too. With 12 Million following on Instagram, 11 Million on Twitter, 7.9 Million on Tik Tok, and 4.6 Million You Tube Olivia is earning a lot from there.

Olivia Rodrigo Net Worth Findnetworth

Olivia is also a fan of traveling. She never misses an opportunity to go and travel the world. If you visited her Instagram, you will know that she has been to many places already, all thanks to her 4 Million $ net worth.

Olivia Rodrigo is as stunning as her songs are. Almost everybody around the globe desires to know her Beauty secrets. Recently she teamed up with VOGUE and shared with the fans her skincare routine. The video clearly shows she is very cautious about her skin and that’s also a major part of where she likes to spent dollars.

Aside from traveling and Skincare, Olivia is a great Social media Fashion Influencer. Her unique and authentic looks scream $$$and I am pretty sure she owns the most expensive of wardrobes.

How Did Olivia Rodrigo Get Famous?

The question lies in the whole of the article above. Her every debut, acting or singing, pushed her one step closer to her fame. But the major role which brought her international fame and love was her acting debut in High School Musicals and her songs in 2021.

Olivia is majorly known for her songs “Drivers License” and “Good 4 U”. Also, social media following is another main reason for 18-years old Olivia Rodrigo’s successful life.


To sum up everything, it is safe to say that 2021 has been very good for Olivia Rodrigo. Olivia’s net worth of 4 Million $ at just 18-years of age is real proof of her talent. It’s just the first year of her singing career, and she has already broken the major records on Spotify and Billboard. And with her euphonious voice and stunning personality, her career is going to be skyrocketed in the coming years.

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